Bombardier | Railway Technology |Trade Fair | 1000 m²

Train and frame sketch for the concept development of the booth

The evolu-
tion of Mobility


International delegations are seeking future solutions for public transport in the urban sphere. From historical city centres to global mega cities. In this future, the needs of the passengers, environmental concerns and those of cities will be reconciled with one another. The design of passenger transportation over long and short distances with hardware and software services from Bombardier.

Two storey booth with curved metallic fabric membrane

Solving the paradox

"Innovation with a guarantee"

The claim to innovation for the mobility of the future should be reflected in the design of Bombardier's brand presentation. This also applies to security standards — but these won't be tested here.

Frame with integrated screens to illustrate the topic areas

Customer Journey

A curved metallic textile membrane forms the basis of the Bombardier performance show. Contrasting corporate colours in shades of grey-blue create a suspenseful arc that draws attention to the frames, which reach up to seven metres in height. The frames feature elaborate, interactive multimedia displays with mirror and lighting effects, floating models and technical modules.

Illustration shows a frame with integrated mirror elements on the subject of volume


Optical abstractions form the basis of this communication element. The floor covering for the frame, which has been sunk into the floor itself, has a mirrored surface, which creates the illusion of a volume twice its actual size: a successful allegory for the Bombardier double-decker portfolio. Countless
additional mirrored elements within the frame bring the idea of volume to life. The frame's self- explanatory design impresses with its communicative clarity.

MIKSER portrait of Henrik

The way all the different disciplines worked hand in hand here, that's what I call workflow.

Henrik, Head of Production MIKS