Golden Cut | Club & Restaurant | 600 m²

Club area in the Golden Cut with a view on to the bar und seating areas

From Hamburg with love

For more than 14 years the Golden Cut Club has combined high-end gastronomy with club culture and is an institution of Hamburg's night life.

Circular niches in the club area as a place to retreat

A little less conversation

A mixture of flowing forms and high-quality materials characterise the ambience. Circular niches and seating ensembles reveal themselves across many levels and open up areas for reflective discussions.

Dance area with adjoining seating area

A little more action.

Inspiration for the redesign was borrowed from the 60s and 70s James Bond films sets. In total, 120 tubes ranging up to two metres in length project down from the five-metre-high ceiling. In addition, an individually created LED ceiling installation bathes the scenery in a continuously changing loop of organic movements and light.

Dining area in the restaurant with stylized corporate design

Recipe for success

The corporate design was developed from the concept of the golden ratio and was applied to the windows, with the transparent shapes offset against a translucent background. The design achieves a formulaic validity across time.

MIKSER portrait of Josephine

Retro meets future: through the breaking up of elements, yesterday, today and tomorrow come together in a single space.

Josephine, Communications Designer MIKS