Jungheinrich | Logistics | Event Construction | 1.500 m²

Concept sketch for the event of Jungheinrich

Get things moving.

Each year at the Executive Management Conference of Jungheinrich AG the company presents the challenges facing its business alongside commercial trends. "More" – it's about goals, the future and the value of provenance. An internal communication event, which is grounding but also clears the path to the top.

Beanbags and wall graphics on the topic MORE of the event

Guests at Schuppen 52

Under the motto "More", MIKS transformed the Jungheinrich AG Executive Management Conference into a world of communication and experience.

Stacked europallets as a central design element of the event

Healthy growth across 5,500 m²

An obstacle course comprising eleven experience stations moves the topic of people and industry 4.0 into focus. A place with links to the "old economy" was deliberately chosen as the venue: the historic warehouse Schuppen 52 in the port of Hamburg.

Color-coordinated wall graphics and guidance system of the conference

Not just distributing goods, but spreading values too

Moving goods requires industrial trucks to pick up the pallets. The conceptual design pick up this metaphor and turns it into a stylistic device for emotional communication.

Rising yellow helium balloons with the inscription MORE shape the Schuppen 52


Oversized yellow balloons in the timber work underscore the lightness of the presentation and embody the "pioneering" character of the company. But with both legs on the ground, creating awareness for the user, the people who need to move the goods.

1.420 stacked europallets form partitions and seating niches

1,420 pallets,
2 km of tape,
322.5 m of wall

Across 5,500 m², a DIY inspired presentation was created out of more than 1,420 pallets and several kilometres of tape, which approximated the understanding of the impact of digital transformation in practical applications. A tangible signal that people will also play a central role in the company in future.

MIKSER portrait of Murat

Out of the call for 'more' came more team spirit. We have seldom worked together so intensively with our clients, in creation and implementation.

Murat, Managing Director MIKS