Season | Restaurant Chain | Corporate Design | 250 m²

Herb illustration for the wall grafic

A healthy appetite for fast food.

Vegetarian restaurant = photos of vegetables? No. Real handwriting and digitalised spice flowers. Gold, wood and bright colours. Season is the first fast food restaurant concept for the health-conscious gourmet.

Season buffet area with digitized spice blossoms wall grafic

Canteen for the suits.

To aid the expansion into German and other European metropolises, the goal here was to develop a corporate and shop design, which palpably and sustainably realises the fusion of vegetarian fast and slow food.

Lounge area in the Season fit fast fresh food restaurant


The design concept combined perceived opposites into a bigger picture: unseen materials are merged in deliberate cracks in the material, familiar quotes combined with new ones.

Herbs illustrations contrast with cool natural stone

Fennel and mustard bloom on the wall

Clear lines alternate with playful details and large format illustrations. Fine surfaces are broken up with cool natural stones and warm wood. Vegetarian cuisine with Scandinavian stylishness and Italian marble.

MIKSER portrait of Birte

The lights, Scandinavian design classics from the 60s – produced over 50 years later in the biggest size possible for the first time.

Birte, Brand Space Designer MIKS