Sonepar | Electronics | Roadshow | 35 m²

13-metres-long truck from Sonepar as a mobile product presentation

technology on tour

Sonepar develops products for the interface between architecture and media. For technologies invisible to the user, which are hidden in virtually everything that surrounds us.

Sketch: a truck full of technology

Invisible? Visible!

What we were looking for here was a presentation concept, which uncovered the hidden champions of the brand Sonepar and explained their versatile functions through concrete examples of use.

Multi-touch-tables for controlling a wide range of applications


A mobile product presentation, concealed inside a 13-metre-long truck, uncovered what would otherwise remain hidden.

13-metre-long truck from the inside: multi-touch-tables, VR glasses and shift-screens

Invisible. And indispensable.

Gesture-controlled screen walls, multi-touch-tables, VR glasses, shift-screens and a VIDEO LED ceiling with pixel-accurate control take the visitor on an immersive voyage of discovery into the complex world of Sonepar.

Pixel precisely controlled video LED ceiling

25 m² of screens
30 m² of LEDs
850 m of cable

The rolling innovation lab was constructed for a multi-year tour visiting customers and partner businesses, as well as deployment in the area of culture and education.

MIKSER portrait of David

Initially I was tasked with managing and driving the truck for the first few months – not your regular project management.

David, Senior Project Manager MIKS