Stiftung Mensch | Work Space | 700 m²

Insight into the former BMW dealership in Schleswig-Holstein

From a passion for driving

Since the 1970s, the Stiftung Mensch (The Human Foundation) has focused on supporting and supervising people with and without disabilities in Schleswig-Holstein.

The new location of Stiftung Mensch

comes a passion for people

The task of converting a former BMW dealership into a new location for the foundation, on a small budget, was achieved with a small idea and lots of participants.

Quotes from employees and foundation friends as design tools on the window

Creativity is our strongest driver

From the BMW slogan "Freude am Fahren" (Passion for driving) came the initiative "Freude am Menschen" (Passion for people). Stickers, flags and posters with quotes from employees and friends of the foundation were sent to foundation members. They were encouraged to reclaim the area on their next visit "quote by quote", by sticking these to the walls.

Mensa area with adjoining lounge

differences are normal

The metamorphosis from an empty car dealership to a meeting place thus became a visible process, which increasingly took shape with each visitor. A complementary furniture concept with flexible components rounded off the concept.

MIKSER portrait of Nadine

Stronger together. Greetings from Hamburg.

Nadine, Brand Space Designer MIKS