Stulz | Air Conditioning | Showroom | 200 m²

Illustrated quality stamp of StulzStringent cooling systems from the air conditioning manufacturer Stulz

The complete
range of air

The product portfolio was to be presented in the scope of a temporary exhibition for a sales kick-off event in Hamburg. Located between the reception and production areas, embedded in the new building.

Concept sketch for the production of the air conditioning systems

A pile of
grey boxes

STULZ is a leading global solutions provider for energy-efficient temperature and humidity-management technology. A colour code enabled quick comprehension of the respective installation and application situation.

Stulz stamped red coloured OSB

OSB becomes a leitmotiv

Under the motto "Under construction", an exhibition concept was developed in the foyer of the Marketing and Customer Centre in Hamburg, which consciously distanced itself from the architecture of new buildings, characterised by glass and steel. Planned for 10 weeks. Up since 2011.

Illustration of the airflow within the air conditioning systems based on the render graphic and the final result

Nothing lasts longer than a temporary

The exclusive use of construction materials in an unfinished form, formal quotes from production and ready-made articles from the company, such as storage and packing materials, contrasted with the large-format technology exhibits and highlighted the brand's unconventional approach to problem solving.

MIKSER portrait von Marvin

Seven weeks from briefing to opening — that can only be good!

Marvin, Junior Project Manager MIKS