Volution Sports | Fashion | Shop | 160 m²

Individually made tennis ball lamp as an eyecatcher in the store

Urban flair on the Wadden sea

Volution Sports is appearing as a small chain for sports and streetwear. Kick-off is a new concept store for urban sportswear in the old dairy farm in Westerland on Sylt.

Thatched houses on the idyllic island of Sylt


The objective here was to develop a retail concept for the factory setting, which broke away from the typical island style and emphasised new features, while keeping options open and allowing creative freedom for implementation in different locations in the future.

Original shoe presentation in the concept store on Sylt

Straight Outta

The Volution store concept combines the world of streetwear and the world of clubwear in an urban setting.

Neon-colored lamps installed on concrete surfaces


Bare concrete walls meet neon colour progressions, while vaulting boxes, wall bars and lockers meet modern classics.

Gym equipment and neon colours as the central design features of the store

to gym

An aesthetic reminiscent of gyms in the eighties. Implemented in the style of New York factory loft.

MIKSER portrait of Michaela

As a Sylt kid, I am looking forward to leaving our footprint in Tinnum’s sands.

Michaela, CEO MIKS