DAW SE Company Group | Façade Technologies | Trade Fair | 250 m²

Close-up of the facade and coating technologies

close to the wall

The objective for BAU 2017 was to present architects and planners with a concept for sustainable urban life. Innovative façade and coating technologies were the focus here.

VR station made of pallets

Rough, like a construction site

BAU in Munich is the world’s leading fair for architecture, materials and systems. Every two years, the construction fair becomes the meeting place for the entire industry.

Sketch: Five-metre-high stacks of euro pallets with vertical greening


Five metre-high stacks of Europallets form an abstract skyline with an industrial touch. Sample façades mounted onto the pallets and plants growing out of the substructure merge into a modern picture of a green, urban space.
The silhouette is reminiscent of an urban cityscape. Plants grow from intentional gaps in the substructure and convey the idea of conserving resources along with aspirations to infuse the urban environment with natural features.

Close-up euro pallets and greening

Sustainable. Inspiring.

The characteristics that define a pallet, such as stability and virtually endless re-usability around the globe, convey the message of sustainability. The open two-storey structure creates a contrast with the accurately hand-crafted exhibits. No additional surface receives any finishing.

Visitors experience the Caparol world of colours spatially with VR glasses



With the help of VR glasses, visitors are able to experience and interact with the Caparol worlds of colour in 3D. The colour design studio (FarbDesignStudio, FDS) shows the new colour trends, while digital tools animate the virtual transformation of the façades.

Rough like a construction site and sleek like the finished architecture: five-metre-high columns allow the façades to be presented in the format 1:1. Processing, construction, surfaces and light incidence are presented to the experts for evaluation and underscore DAW's quality claims. Industrial flooring manufactured in-house is poured on site and turns the space into an accessible sample.

MIKSER portrait of Tom

Hemp is obviously a good insulator. Nevertheless, in the end, no real plants were to be seen...

Tom, Project Manager MIKS